Top 10 iOS App Development Trends 2022

iOS App Development

Nowadays, the mobile app development sector is constantly evolving. It's possible that what was hot a few years ago isn't now. Because of this, it's critical for companies to stay current with emerging trends in order to stay competitive. It might be challenging to stay current with the most recent trends in the world of iOS app development because it is continuously changing. However, it's critical to be aware of what's in the works if you want to keep one step ahead of the curve.

The following are the current trends in app development:

Trends in app development

#1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has drastically altered how we use mobile devices recently and will do so for a very long time. It all started with human-like voice assistants on mobile devices. Such examples include Siri and Alexa, and even Google offers a related function. They respond to inquiries and follow straightforward directions. Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in a variety of applications, including games, business applications, social media platforms, eCommerce applications, and more.

#2. Augmented Reality

In the upcoming year, augmented reality will continue to grow in acceptance as it has in recent years. Augmented Reality offers users the chance to overlay digital content on the actual world, creating a truly immersive environment. Businesses can employ augmented reality in a variety of ways, from product presentations to educational materials. For instance, IKEA has a mobile app that lets customers visualize furniture in their homes before making a purchase. Similar uses can be made for opticians and the fashion industry, allowing customers to digitally try on eyeglasses and clothing before making a purchase.

#3. 5G Technology

The next era of mobile data network, 5G, is expected to completely change how we interact with our devices. In comparison to earlier generations, 5G provides significantly faster speeds and lower latency, making it perfect for data-intensive operations like streaming HD video and gaming. There are currently many 5G-capable smartphones on the market. A significant number of cities have already adopted 5G, and they all have a significant number of subscribers. We can anticipate seeing 5G become more widely used and more companies utilizing its possibilities in the upcoming year. It would be advantageous for you to start creating the best 5G plan for your company.

#4. IoT

IoT is the term used to describe how physical items that have the ability to gather and share data are connected to the Internet. As more and more gadgets are connected to the internet, this trend is predicted to gain popularity over time. Businesses can utilize IoT to gather data and learn more about the behavior of their customers. The consumer experience can then be enhanced or new products and services can be created using this information.

#5. Apple Pay

Users of the iPhone and iPad already utilize this as a common payment method, so it cannot be disregarded. In contrast, it will only spread throughout society in the years to come. As more merchants start to accept Apple Pay as a form of payment and as more customers become aware of the service, we anticipate this trend to continue.

#6. Cloud Kit

Cloud applications for iOS should have their own spot among the top trends in iOS app development in 2022. because it is simple to organize, manage, and store a lot of data without sacrificing user experience. This creates possibilities for creating iOS applications that use the right data storage and transmission mechanisms. CloudKit helps in meeting the exact demands of application users by lowering the barriers to accomplishing difficult operations.

#7. Foldable Devices

Consider foldable devices as a growing trend as you create your mobile app development strategy. This will alter how people use their technology and make a variety of new uses possible. Therefore, a change in smartphone application development is anticipated soon to enable apps to benefit from this new functionality. By 2023, 50 million devices are expected to be sold, therefore you must ensure that your apps function properly on foldable devices and devise creative ways to make the most of larger screens. The creation of mobile apps could be difficult due to this tendency in 2022.

#8. Chatbots

With the use of chatbots, consumers can enjoy a discussion in natural language as if they were speaking with a human. Even bots have the capacity to respond to users right away. As Apple's personal assistant Siri has gained popularity throughout the world, contextual learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have undergone major changes as a result of Siri's ability to comprehend what users are speaking and looking for. Siri introduces consumers to sophisticated search.

#9. Blockchain

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that enables transactions that are safe, transparent, and impenetrable. From banking to supply chain management, this technology is expected to have a big impact on a number of sectors. More companies are likely to utilize blockchain technology in the upcoming year. The result will be a more effective and reliable corporate ecosystem by streamlining operations and enhancing security.

#10. Swift 5

Apple One of the best and most popular programming languages is Swift, which is still growing quickly. Today, Swift is used to create over a thousand different applications. The main reasons why developers adore Swift as a programming language are its built-in advantages including security, scalability, and simplicity. Its future is without a shadow of a doubt promising.


It could seem like a time- and energy-consuming effort to create an iOS application. However, the modern tools and solutions create new possibilities for iOS app development by streamlining the process, enhancing the technical quality of the apps, and enhancing the user experience. Thus, your best course of action may be to hire an iOS app development business

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