Is A Dedicated Development Team Worth The Cost?

Is A Dedicated Development Team Worth The Cost?

Do you have a project and want to employ a remote team to build a product on a budget? In this scenario, you must bring together many professionals into a single entity capable of executing multiple jobs and completing the work in accordance with your specifications.

A dedicated development team is a popular partnership structure in software development for remote client engagement. This concept is transparent and effective, making it ideal for both existing businesses and emerging startups. Read on to know if a dedicated development team is worth the cost for your company.

What is a Dedicated Team Model?

A dedicated development team is a long-term collaboration structure with an outsourcing team of developers in which a client and developer teamwork. This is one of the most common types of collaboration, along with the fixed price (FP) and time and material (T&M) models.

If you opt to work with a dedicated development team, you will be working with a group of specialists who have been hand-picked to meet your specific company objectives.

Furthermore, unlike employees, you do not have to deal with administrative, human resources, tax, and social benefits difficulties with a specialized team. On the contrary, you may concentrate on higher-level business challenges while your development partners take care of the rest.

A dedicated team model offers you a hand-picked professional team that is only focused on completing a single project.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

In a dedicated team, the pricing strategy is pretty easy. Since you hired a team, each person has a set hourly fee, and you only pay for the hours performed. This is the only item you have to pay for. There are no additional costs for renting an office for a team, purchasing equipment, paying taxes, paying electrical bills, and so forth.

Furthermore, hiring a dedicated software development team is significantly cheaper and faster than searching for each individual independently with the HR team.

Who is in a Dedicated Team?

The composition of your team is determined by your company's needs. As a result, your development team could include:

  • Front-end and back-end, mobile developers, full-stack engineers:
  • Quality assurance specialists;
  • UX/UI designers;
  • DevOps engineers;
  • Business analysts;
  • Product managers;
  • Project managers.

Why Hire a Dedicated Team?

The dedicated team approach is appropriate for complex long-term projects that may grow in the future. When your idea lacks the product-market fit and requires a discovery phase, a specialized development team is the way to go.

Early-Stage Startups

If you're a startup in its early stages, you're expected to expand. In this instance, opting for a committed team can be a wise decision. This method will allow you to swiftly assemble a team, save money on hiring operations, and develop the product more quickly. While your in-house staff is free to focus on business-related duties, the augmented team handles the extra work.

Projects With Vague Requirements

When your idea lacks the product-market fit and requires a discovery stage, a specialized team is the way to go. Because the discovery stage serves as the foundation for the project's entire development mechanism, this could take months of tests and interviews to eventually settle down. The dedicated team approach gives you the time and resources you need to focus on the investigation stage without worrying about overspending.

Long-Term Projects

The committed team approach is appropriate for difficult long-term projects that have the capacity to grow. To fully realize the potential of your project, you'll need a robust team of developers to help you along the way. Inside a dedicated team, you can be confident that the people you begin working with will see the project through to completion.

Let’s take WhatsApp as an example. They enlisted the assistance of a dedicated team of developers to assist them to create their iOS app. IBM, Verizon, Amazon, Automatic, Buffer, Apple, Oracle, American Express, Doist, and 10up are among the organizations that use the dedicated team method.

Dedicated Development Team Workflow

Hiring a specialized team begins with the company outlining the project's objectives, timeline, and scope. Remember to specify the abilities that team members should possess as well as the number of specialists needed for your project. Following that, the supplier agency begins the employment process. You can also incorporate them into your project immediately or conduct extra interviews. Furthermore, if the guy does not fit you, you can replace him.

The organization will next create a pricing scheme that includes the team's wage as well as the service provider's cost for the hiring time. Four reasons why your organization should hire a professional developer. Here are a few indicators that you should look for specialized developers:

Lack of Skills

Because the modern economy is rapidly evolving, you must constantly acquire new knowledge and abilities in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

If you believe your company lacks this, it is a hint that you need to recruit a professional development team with the necessary knowledge.

Additional Waste

When working with an internal team, you must pay for utilities like electricity, heating, and gas, among other things. However, by utilizing remote employees, your company can dramatically reduce office costs.


Hiring a specialized crew is the ideal solution if you need to produce a product as soon as feasible. When your internal specialists are unable to complete complex projects, remote developers can easily surpass them.

Retention of Talents

If your company is behind due to a lack of technical talent, or if any of them are seeking other opportunities, maintaining the proper individuals will be difficult. You will need to engage remote pros to manage, encourage, and keep your team working smoothly in this instance.

Factors to Consider While Hiring a Dedicated Team

1. Dedicated Team and Responsibilities

Investigate innovative software development trends and approaches. Best practices in the industry can assist you in improving workflows, lowering experimental costs and risks, and increasing efficiency. Furthermore, technological trends will show you how many industry specialists achieve peak performance.

In addition, ask your vendor for an estimate of the technological stack they intend to use. If your company has never used these technologies before, you can request the appropriate documentation before beginning the project.

2. Using Agile Methodologies

According to the PWC analysis, Agile initiatives are 27 percent more successful than other types of projects. Because the committed staff collaborates with their specialists, there should be some overlap between their skills and yours. As a result, before you begin working with a dedicated team, you should plan a joint training program for both teams to increase synchronization.

3. Security Protocols

When recruiting a devoted crew, safety is an important thing to consider. Discuss with future experts how they intend to employ best practices to avoid any software vulnerabilities.


To summarise, a dedicated team is an ideal solution for projects with many ambiguous criteria, such as ambitious startups and growing tech companies. For such businesses looking for long-term collaboration, a dedicated partnership is the greatest fit in terms of optimal cost and carefully selected individuals on the team. With this in mind, you can determine whether you require a dedicated team.

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